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Therapy with AC 

The “thing” has happened. You can’t ignore it; it’s caused too much disruption. Depression, anxiety, fear, loneliness, relational problems—whatever it is it’s too much for you to bear alone. Discomfort has settled in, and you discover you need a new pair of eyes and a shift in perspective. It’s time to make room for a new reality. 


Therapy with AC gives you the space to slow down and process life unfiltered. It helps expose parts of yourself you have hidden or shut down. You may reveal things in therapy you would be embarrassed to discuss in any other setting. It’s okay, shame can no longer hold you hostage. You are more than what’s happened to you.  

It's means so much that you are here today. It means you are ready for your new life to begin. You've mastered survival mode. Now it's time to wake up and LIVE. 

Ashley Chowdhury, LPC

Insurances accepted: 


Oscar Health



BCBS of Texas

United Healthcare

Click here to book an initial free 15-minute consultation. 

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