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You are a Storyteller

Updated: Dec 12, 2022

We are far better storytellers than we give ourselves credit for.

We create entire narratives in our mind of what is happening today or even what will happen tomorrow. We aren’t fully living in the moment because in our minds today has already happened. Oftentimes these narratives are founded on past conclusions we continue to surrender ourselves to. We cling to these stories because they validate our ancient ways of thinking and feeling.

I enjoy watching reruns of old TV shows and movies I have seen 100 times. Sure, there is the sense of nostalgia, but I also think it’s because I know the story. I don’t have to pay much attention to the storyline and can even recite the lines! So, I multitask during the show, and this is perfect because I don’t have to be fully present.

Cringe. Do we sometimes treat our everyday lives like reruns? My answer is yes, so since I’m the only one with the issue here, stick with me while I work this thing out.

What if I let the day take the lead instead of me taking the day? What if I allow the day to unfold in front of me as it happens? What if I choose adventure and become more curious about how the story will end?

First off, that sounds more fun and peaceful. I wake up in the morning and approach my day as a learner and not a dictator. I say, “Well, this is another day that the Lord has made. Let’s see what He has in store for me!”

When interruptions or disruptions occur, I don’t interpret them through an old lens. None of that, “This always happens to me.” More like, “Look, I have another opportunity to conquer this situation.”

If the thing I’ve been dreading actually occurs, instead of saying, “I knew this would happen,” and allow it to unsettle me and spoil my entire day, I try saying, “I am more than capable of managing this situation.” This is how I empower myself and stay in the present, focusing on the skills I currently have to be effective in the moment.

I’m talking about moment-by-moment living. We can live out new scripts and new storylines every day. Doesn’t that sound fun? We can be present in the here and now and appreciate life as it happens.

Live today. Don’t run ahead. Stay here. Here is where you belong.

Awakening You Journal Prompts:

What narratives are you currently telling yourself?

Where did they originate?

How have these stories served you in the past and how are they serving you now?

How are they hindering you now from living in the present?

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