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The Birth of Therapy with AC

I thought I had 20/20 vision until 2020 happened.


2020 changed everything for me. It was the first time I allowed myself to experience collective trauma from the pandemic, racial injustice, and political warfare in addition to the sorrow and death which took place. I felt out of control, fearful that the world was going to end. Then I realized how detached I had been from the world around me, even from myself. Thankfully my little world did end.


The effects of internal and external uncertainty flooded my senses. I went through seasons of loneliness, doubt, confusion, and sorrow. But I opened myself up to previously ignored hard truths surrounding my identity and ways in which I viewed the world. I began to question everything around me, and those questions eventually led to a deeper sense of purpose.

As God reoriented my world, He also birthed in me a new song, a song of freedom and expansion. He began to enlarge my vision for my life and what He uniquely created me to do. 


Therapy with AC stemmed from my personal awakening journey.

2020 woke me up and now I feel more alive than ever.


I am honored to help you awaken to your true self. 

Webster's Dictionary defines awake as:  

  • to cease sleeping 

  • to wake up

  • to become aroused or active again

  • to become conscious or aware of something

I define awake as:

  • to understand and embrace your identity

  • to feel fully alive mind, body, and spirit 

  • to move freely and confident in the world 

  • to live with purpose 

Awake with Me.

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