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Who you are matters. 

Awakening to your true identify can involve returning back to vibrant parts of you that have been forgotten, hidden, stolen, or buried. 


In our sessions, we will discover those parts and welcome them home. You will start to remember who you are, who God says you are. Once you remember you are royalty, you will begin to see how God chose you to bear His image and bring Him glory. 

We will also identify, evaluate, and modify any dysfunctional thought patterns and beliefs that have shaped your identity. We will reclaim those thoughts and beliefs with foundational truths. 

You may notice as you awaken to your true self, some patterns may no longer fit. This can be unsettling as we try to incorporate behavioral changes. However, you don't have to fight with the old you. The new you can handle the transformation process. In our time together you will learn how to gracefully modify your behavior so that it aligns with the truth of who you are. 

“It's taken you this long to realize you've been living outside of your truth. Be patient with yourself as you journey to remember who you are."

~Ciara Marie

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